This Hijab-Clad Bike Enthusiast Is The New Chain Breaker

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Roshni Misbah - Delhi's fierce 22-year-old 'Hijabi Biker'

Smashing patriarchy, this hijab-clad Delhite is a new sensation for her moves and vrooms on an orange-red-and-black Honda CBR Repsol.


Hailing from Ghaziabad, Roshni Misbah is a 22-year-old student of Arab Islamic Culture at the Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.

Roshni Misbah - Delhi's fierce 22-year-old 'Hijabi Biker'
Roshni Misbah - The 'Hijabi Biker' (Pic Credit: Facebook)

She symbolizes a different avatar from most women of her age or from her religion with her passion for riding motorcycles.

"Riding a motorcycle is in my genes," she says, India Times reports.


Roshni is currently pursuing an MA degree. While her peers expect her to maintain a certain traditional appearance, she proved all the stereotypes wrong by taking a ride on her bike in Delhi's streets. No wonder she is being called the ‘Hijabi Biker’.

It’s been years since this badass biker rode her first bike, starting at the age of 9. She is inspired by her father, who happened to be a bike enthusiast. When she was in Class IX, she learned to ride a bike all by herself and bought an Avenger to be more skilled.

Most people may criticise her for riding a bike wearing hijab, but the biker says she has never had a problem with it. And, if you think rationally, she is actually trying to break the orthodox traditions and to smash patriarchy in the face!

Roshni believes in her passion for bikes as strongly as she respects her faith. Roshni comes from a conservative family. As a little girl who was into bikes, she knew she wasn’t going to follow the norm but that didn’t stop her from following her passion.

With her black leather jacket and a pair of high heeled boots and head covered in Hijab, Roshni motivates all girls to become fearless, independent and modern. But she also never forgets that being a woman biker in India is very unlikely.


Roshni Misbah - Delhi's fierce 22-year-old 'Hijabi Biker'

While she credits her father for inspiring her to take up her passion and encouraging her to follow her dreams, she also hopes to see many such women pursuing what they love to do.

'It opens up your mind and perspective', says Roshni while sharing that riding bikes works as meditation for her.

She's also part  of the Delhi Chapter of 'The Bikerni' group -- a gang of women who spread women empowerment message on motorcycles.

From hereafter, if you see anyone criticizing women drivers -- cars or bikes -- or even if you hear them say that there are none – show them this Jamia Milia student’s example!


If I’m coming off too strongly, that’s because I, too, love to ride a bike, though it's become a long-lost passion for me. Rashmi, you surely made one fan today!

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Feature Image Credit: India Today

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