Thin Models Flaunt Plus-Size Tights In Ads, Spark Controversy

Ria Das
Dec 14, 2017 05:37 IST
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An e-commerce company is selling plus-size tights. But weirdly, it is promoting the products by choosing normal-size models for it. Yes, thin models are flaunting over-sized tights! They really overdid the whole concept and ruined the actual selling point.


Online company Wish came out with a range of product shots for different types of plus-size tights. But instead of endorsing those with the actual body type, Wish showed thin models stretching out tights over their entire bodies, besides just keeping it till their thighs

According to the company, they apparently used the models to demonstrate how big and stretchable the product is.

Look at some of the photos:

Wish tights Wish tights


By doing just so, are they trying to being one of those advertisements that read -- want to loss weight? Try xyz and see the result by yourself -- "Before" & "After" ???

Well, calling it just a demonstration won't change the fact that ad world loves to show off so-called perfect bods (pun intended) even if the target audience is the opposite of it. Yes, women love sexy-shaping stockings. And, we will love them no matter how unrealistically you present it.


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In these photos, the models showcase the depth of prejudice, fitting in both her legs into one leg of a pair of tights.

Naturally, upset Twitterati called out the stereotypical mindset and blasted the company:

Wish, an app-based fashion seller, is a San Francisco-based company that sells Chinese merchandise to American consumers at extremely low prices.

To add more fuel to the topic, they even demonstrated the products as durable and flexible and called it “magic tights”.

But not only Wish, but FUNOC’s Super Elastic Stockings Nylon Magical Tights and Moca’s Super Elastic Magical Tight Silk Stocking illustrate the same photos when searched online.

When asked, the spokesperson of Wish justified the ad by saying, “The products listed on Wish are sold by stores from all over the world, and these stores are in charge of their own inventories. Whatever information you see in the description is what we know about the product. If you place an order with a specific store, you will then have the opportunity to contact that store directly for more information about the product”, HuffPost reported.

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It is HIGH time we give plus-size women the comfort they want while browsing clothing for themselves. Let's not use descriptions such as "fat" and "fatter" or " for those sexy curves", "for your perfect thin lines". It is offensive.

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