Thighlighting Is The New Plastic Surgery Trend

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There is a new body trend, and its even worse than the thigh gap. Thighlighting is the new plastic surgery trend that is all the rage in Hollywood and will inevitably catch on in the rest of the world.

The procedure can involve thigh lifts, calf implants, contouring the inner and outer thighs and liposuction, all done with the view to give clients the perfect legs a la Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid

Dr Rian Marcus told Women’s Health that he has noticed an increase in the number of women requesting legs like Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez and Karlie Kloss. “I think the widespread fitness crazes we have seen over the past years have drawn people’s attention toward the legs,” he said.

Doctors across America, are offering plans which dress the entire leg.   

Dr Esho of The ESHO Clinic in London and Newcastle also said that women have focused more on the appearance of their things in the last few years.

Other unrealistic trends

Here are some other unrealistic trends that have become popular in recent years. This year a trend called rib cage bragging took over social media platforms. It involves posing in a manner in which you show off your rib cage.

Unrealistic trends like ‘ab crack,’ ‘bikini bridge’ and ‘thigh gap’ make women strive for unrealistic goals when it comes to their bodies. Thigh gap is something which is genetically determined so it is impossible for some women to get them, no matter how hard they try. These kinds of social media trends can increase the risk of eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia.

What’s more is that sometimes pictures are photoshopped and manipulated to show an image that isn’t the reality.

Body Positive Campaigns 

Luckily, there has been a lot of backlash against these trends and the rise of more body positive campaigns on Instagram. Trends like #Mermaid Thighs, #fatkini, and #realwomenofinstagram celebrate women’s bodies in all their forms.

The most recent trend has been hip dips, where women are showing off the are where your hips meet your thighs. Hip dips, also known as #violinhips, are completely natural.

“I rarely EVER post pics and talk about my body, but this morning I saw the #hipdips tag and have never felt so at ease with my body insecurity. Realizing that it’s not just me that has this body type has made me feel so much better about myself knowing that others deal with the same things that I do,” posted one user on Instagram.

It’s time we stopped glorifying unrealistic body trends and moved towards body positivity.

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