Child Rights Commission Team To Visit Thanjavur For Lavanya Suicide Case Investigation

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To carry out Lavanya suicide case investigation, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights team will be visiting Thanjavur on January 30 and January 31. The team will be meeting the parents of the deceased, the involved police officers and the school authorities to gather information on the suicide of the 17-year-old student, as per reports.

Recently, the demand for CBI investigation for the Lavanya suicide case investigation has increased and there were many different angles that surfaced regarding the case. There were claims that the student consumed poison because she was tortured to clean rooms and Tamil Nadu BJP was also accused of tampering with the evidence to give it a communal angle. The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights will investigate all these angles and claims on visiting the district.

State Government Refuses Assistance In Lavanya Suicide Case Investigation

In the notice that was released on January 28, NCPCR team said, “The Government of Tamil Nadu is reluctant to extend the necessary facilities/support to the NCPCR team for the said inquiry into the incidence on the pretext of imposition of Model Code of Conduct which came into force due to Local Body Ordinary Elections in the State of Tamil Nadu. However, the Commission still stands to its proposed visit to Thanjavur District Tamil Nadu for the purpose.”

The notice stated that the complaint of the case said that the 17-year-old student was forced to convert to Christianity and when she refused for the illegal conversion, ‘the girl imposed corporal punishment’. The student was allegedly refused to go home and forced to clean toilets because of which she drank pesticides and died by suicide.

The notice read that the Commission will visit Thanjavur on January 30 and January 31, 2022 and because the Government is not ready to extend any support to the NCPCR team, the place for the teams arrival and investigation will be decided on reaching the district and will be informed to the public through the social media of NCPCR.

The Commission said in the notice that the team will carry out Lavanya suicide case investigation in the presence of Superintendent of Police and Investigating Officer. They will also interact with the parents of the 17 year old student, her classmates and authorities of Sacred Heart Hr. Sec. School, Michaelepatt, Thanjavur. The list also includes the doctors who treated the student while she was admitted after consuming poison and the ones who carried out her Post-martum and also the local public who is willing to give beneficial information regarding the case.

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