Lavanya Suicide Case: Conversion, Viral Video Tapes, CBI Probe Demands And More

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Lavanya suicide case has not yet come to any conclusion even after seven days since the death of the 17-year-old Tamil Nadu student. The public is demanding a CBI investigation for the suicide case and a plea for the same was heard in Mumbai High Court.

Lavanya suicide case is about a class 12 student from Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu who was allegedly tortured and harassed by a school warden who was allegedly forcing the student and her family to convert to Christianity. The girl was reportedly broken by the torture and she drank poison on January 9. When her health worsened, she was admitted to the hospital where she died on January 19. Before dying, a recorded video of her statement from a hospital went viral on social media.

CBI Investigation In Lavanya Suicide Case

Many social media users were seen enraged that the authorities have not gone ahead with the investigation regarding Lavanya suicide case and are demanding CBI probe for an unbiased investigation. Moreover, there are also some new angles that have surfaced in the matter. Reportedly, the police has not yet mentioned those angles in the FIR.

The police is maintaining their statement that the student consumed poison because she was tortured by the warden to clean rooms and not for conversion. Meanwhile, in the hearing held in Mumbai High Court it was observed that the parents of Lavanya have confirmed that they were forced for conversion to Christianity. There are also allegations on Tamil Nadu BJP for tampering the video of the student.

The video was shared by Tamil Nadu BJP leader Annamalai in which the student is seen in the hospital. A person in the video asks her if she was forced to convert to Christianity and was tortured by her warden and the 17-year-old seems to confirm. However, there are now claims that the political party tampered the video to give it a communal angle and they are demanding arrest of the leader for sharing the tampered video.

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