“Terrible Day For Women And Girls In Poland”: Human Rights Group On Abortion Ban

human rights group on poland abortion ban,poland abortion ban
Human rights group on Poland abortion ban: Polish government’s decision to implement a total ban on abortions in the country was denounced by the human rights groups. 

The top human rights official in Poland called out the Polish court’s ruling on abortion ban in the country. Adam Bodnar, the ombudsman or the human rights commissioner of the country said that the ruling imposes a severe limitation on women of Poland and condemns them to torture.

He said, “The justification of the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal is a growing drama for women.” 

The constitutional court in Poland justified the court’s controversial verdict of October on Wednesday that imposed a complete ban on abortions even in the cases of foetal defects. The decision was clearly not taken well by the women of the country as there were widespread protests with more than 10,000 people came to resist the order on the streets.

According to the court, an individual can go through abortion only when there is a criminal case such as rape or incest attached to it. It has been reported that even before the ruling was legitimised by the government on Wednesday, many medical professionals had started to refuse to perform abortions after October as they feared adverse action from the authorities. 

After the government announced on Wednesday that the ruling will come into effect now, the same was added in the government’s journal. This made several come out to protest on Wednesday evening.

Bodnar on Thursday said, “The state wants to further limit their rights, risk their lives, and condemn them to torture.”

“This offensive is opposed by civil society, ” he added. 

The human rights organisation Amnesty International said that decision by the government marks for  “a terrible day for women and girls in Poland” and added that the ban on abortions has never stopped it. 

Senior research advisor at Amnesty, Esther Major said that the government wants to only damage women’s health by pushing abortions underground or forcing women to travel to foreign countries to access the abortion care they need and to which they have a right.