Polish Government To Implement Complete Ban On Abortions, Protests To Follow

human rights group on poland abortion ban,poland abortion ban
Poland abortion ban: The government of Poland announced that the ruling on a complete ban on Abortion will come into force on Wednesday. This is likely to cause protests in the country. 

The Polish government updated on its official Twitter handle, “The ruling will be published today in the Journal of Laws.”

The court had issued its first ruling on the ban in October last year which caused massive demonstrations in the country. The court had said that the abortions done without any foetal abnormalities cannot be “incompatible” with the constitution. 

If the ruling really comes into force, all abortions will be banned in the country except for the rape and incest case or when the mother’s health is considered at risk. The ruling is being supported by the government of the country which is known to be right-leaning. 

An organisation named Women’s strike called for protests in Poland on Wednesday outside the Constitutional Court in Warsaw. A leading organiser of the protest, Marta Lempart said, “Express your anger today as you see fit”. ” We are calling everyone to go into the streets,” she added. 

Another such organiser Klementyna Suchanow also called in people to join the protest in Warsaw. She said, “When we speak of hell for women, we can also speak of hell for the government. We are going to make this hell for you”.

Poland, which is known as a predominantly catholic nation has about 2,000 legal abortions every year. It is claimed by the women’s rights group that more than 200,000 women opt for illegal abortion either in the country or go to abroad to get it done. 

After the protests broke out in the country in October last year, the government had delayed the enactment of the law. As per the government, the ban will cease “eugenic abortions” in Poland. The protests held against it last year are known to be the biggest so far which brought together more than 10 thousand people together. The human rights groups have said that the ban will force women to have non-viable pregnancies.