Ten Leadership Skills we can learn from Serena Williams

Bhavna Agarwal
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An inspiration to many, here are ten leadership skills one can learn from Serena Williams:


1. Discipline: Serena Williams had once in an interview expressed her dislike for workout but that didn't stop her from following her routine. Excellence cannot be compromised for mediocrity hence being discipline is imperative.

2. Self Analysis: To others it might seem perfect, but analyzing, practicing and correcting her every shot relentlessly is what makes Serena Williams World’s No 1 today.

3.  Confidence: I had never been in a match thinking, “I am not going to win” said Serena Williams after sustaining injuries in a match.  Being confident about yourself and your skills is necessary for effective performance.

4. Competitor:  Serena had once said, “Hopefully, we can build a rivalry and we'll be able to do this a lot. Make a legacy, then retire champions”. Such powerful and competitive nature makes her a fierce opponent.

5. Perseverance: Having suffered injuries and going through her share of rough patches professionally, Serena did not give up. After loosing to her sister at the US Open and few others she had managed to turn the table due to her relentless efforts.

6. Self-Motivation: “If anything, you know, I think losing makes me even more motivated”, Serena said.  As a debutant she had lost a couple of matches but the capability of looking beyond the failure is what makes you a champion.


7. Trend Setter: Serena’s ‘high risk’ aggressive style is regarded as the greatest in women tennis history. She is recognised for her style after proving her excellence in every game.

8. To look beyond the odds: Having faced criticism for her poor fashion sense, Serena did not let that affect her. In fact She became the first female black athlete to feature on the cover of Vogue this year.

9. Ability to influence: She has a huge impact on the world of Tennis and her influential professional career has made her the global ambassador for the game of tennis.

10. Accomplishment: Serena has series of accomplishment to list in her kitty. From winning Grand Slam to achieving four consecutive majors, she is a true inspiration to many. To be able to achieve what you dreamt of defines a leader.


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