Shocking news reveals that women’s photographs are reportedly being uploaded on a bot used on the messaging app, Telegram, to convert them into computer-generated and fake nude images. The report further says that this is being done without any consent or the knowledge of the user. Over 680,000 women are unaware that a Telegram network is sharing their fake nude images online.

According to a report by BuzzFeed, a newly invented Artificial Intelligence bot is being used by a Telegram network to create fake nude images of women. The bot has been running as an app for more than a year now. It allows its users to create photo-realistic nude images of women only.

Moreover, 70 per cent of the Telegram network using the bot apparently reside in Russia and Europe. A visual threat intelligence company headquartered in Amsterdam, Sensity has estimated that the network includes as many as 101,080 members.

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It has also being estimated that till now around 104,852 fake nude images of women have already been on rounds on public platforms. Around 70 percent of these photos have been acquired from social media platforms of the woman or from private sources. The Telegram network is reportedly targeting not only celebrities but private citizens also. Reportedly, the images that have already been shared are mostly of private citizens.

The bot can create nude images if even one photograph of the targeted woman is acquired by the network. The CEO and chief secretary at Sensity, Giorgio Patrini said that this is the reason why so many “private individuals are attacked because only one profile picture from Facebook is enough to do this.”

The Sensity is investigating into the Telegram bot and network and has sent the reports to concerned social media websites and law authorities so that appropriate action could be taken.  “All sensitive data discovered during the investigation detailed in this report has been disclosed with Telegram, [Russian social media site] VK, and relevant law enforcement authorities. We have received no response from Telegram or VK.”

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