In a new move, LinkedIn, social networking site for work professionals, has introduced LinkedIn Stories feature in India. This feature, like Instagram, will allow the users to share snapshots or videos (up to 20 seconds) of their work life with people they are connected with on LinkedIn. It will boost the user’s opportunity to share their work experience in a more creative, authentic and casual manner and to interact with more people. However, like the story feature on Instagram, the LinkedIn Stories feature will also disappear after 24 hours.

Announcing the launch of the feature in India, the company released a statement and ensured that it will allow users to share “casual updates and experiences from their professional lives, start lightweight conversations, and offer a new way to stay connected with their network.”

What You Can Expect

As the work-from-home culture got normalised during the pandemic, working people flooded social media with snapshots of their own work-from-home setups, work motivation, Zoom calls and different experiences. But now with the launch of LinkedIn Stories feature, users can share their everyday work experience in a creative and a more approachable manner. Not only work experiences, the feature has made it easy to promote events, share new insights, ideas and connect with more people.

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Moreover, the users can also tag other people in their stories and see people who viewed their stories. This will help in encouraging connections and networking with different people and organisations. It also has “Question of the Day” feature through which people can connect with each other asking questions related to work or other issues.

The LinkedIn stories feature is interesting also because it includes a number of stickers to make the work experiences shared more relatable and exciting. Since it has been launched in India also, the company has introduced new stickers tweaked according to the local culture. There are stickers about ‘Auto Rickshaw,’ ‘Jugaad,’ ‘Chai-Time,’ ‘Cricket,’ and ‘Yoga’.

“In a virtually connected world, ‘Stories’ are the virtual water coolers,” said Ashutosh Gupta, India Country Manager at LinkedIn, as it will allow people to share, connect and form new networks.

What Other Changes In LinkedIn

Apart from the stories feature, LinkedIn has also introduced a new search engine. “It will for the first time introduce a blended search results page with defined recommendations organised by people, jobs, groups, companies, schools, content, LinkedIn Learning courses, and online events,” the company announced.

Reportedly, for  first time in the last five years, LinkedIn is going to get a new look with platform enhancements promising an “inclusive and enjoyable LinkedIn experience”, according to Gupta.

Making a debut in the new LinkedIn feature, LinkedIn influencers and famous personalities Vani Kola, Kiran Bedi, Rahul Subramanian, and Anny Diva shared their work moments on LinkedIn Stories feature.

Women A Growing Force

The Vice President of India, M. Venkaiah Naidu, cited the Sixth Economic Census data and said that women make for 14 per cent of total entrepreneurship in India. LinkedIn is the best digital platform to encourage and empower the entrepreneurs from different corners and interests. It provides firm’s visibility, helps in building business relationship, create new opportunities, expand the customer market and secure them.

A research by LinkedIn revealed that there has been a rise in the number of women taking up leadership roles on LinkedIn with India witnessing the maximum rise.

With work culture shifting to online platforms, the new user-friendly advancements are certainly going to encourage women entrepreneurs and make their experiences more creative.

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