Telangana Woman’s Death Caused By Shock Is Not True: Officials

Telangana woman death

Municipality officials of Narayankhed area in Telangana refuted the claims of a 58-year-old woman, Bhumavva, dying of ‘shock’ and embarrassment over dumping of garbage near her home. The officials said that the women had been ill for several years and that her death had nothing to do with the garbage dumping by officials.

Ch Raju, the bill collector from Narayankhed Municipality clarified that the Municipality had dumped garbage on December 15 in front a commercial establishment, near the said Bhumavva’s house, owned by M Narayan who hadn’t paid property taxes for seven years. He also said that the deceased woman’s family had collected funds from the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund (CMRF) for her treatment as she was suffering from paralysis.

News websites had earlier reported that the 58-year-old woman died on Sunday due to the garbage dumping incident near her house on December 15. Her family had claimed that “excessive action by the authorities” brought shock and embarrassment to her and led to her death five days later.

He said, “The issue of non-payment of tax by Narayana has been going on for close to seven years. We took the drastic decision as he had levelled abuses against the bill collectors.”

Raju added that the officials after dumping the garbage on December 15 had also removed it the next morning. The officials had also the bleached the area.

The officer further insisted that the garbage was only dumped before the shop and not before the woman’s home. The woman who is part of the shop owner Narayana’s family lived behind the shops.

Madan Lal, another bill collector told TNM that the municipality had reportedly filed a police complaint against Narayan on December 15.

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“After we filed a police complaint, Narayana had agreed to pay the taxes but he has support from local politicians, who held a dharna before the shops. They are creating an issue,” he added.

Lal also said that Narayan refuses to pay taxes because he says there is no road or proper drainage close to his shop.

Image credit: The News Minute