Teen Walks Into UP Police Station With Foetus In Bag, Alleges Rape

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In a shocking incident, a 19-year-old woman turned up at a police station in Amroha district of Uttar Pradesh on Saturday evening with a foetus in a bag. The woman alleges that she was raped six months back and forcefully made to consume pills that terminated her pregnancy. Both the woman and the man are part of the Dalit community. Police have registered a case of rape against the 22-year-old accused, identified as Manoj.


"We have registered a case based on the complaint of the woman's family and raids were being conducted to arrest the accused,” said Ajay Kumar, circle officer of police of Hasanpur.

The woman and the accused were in a relationship. However, to avoid marriage, the accused forced her to abort the pregnancy as per police reports. SHO of Hasanpur D K Sharma told the media, "They were in a relationship and to avoid marriage the boy made her abort the pregnancy."

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The woman’s family claimed they were not aware of the alleged rape or her pregnancy. “On Thursday she started screaming in pain,” her father said. “After a while, she delivered a stillborn,” he added.

“We didn’t go to the hospital as my daughter was fine. She and I decided to lodge a case,” he said. “We took the foetus with us to prove our account,” he said.

The family members came to know about the incident on Friday. On Saturday evening, her mother took her to the police station and demanded justice for her daughter.


The woman told the police that she was raped about six months ago. She had gone to the forest to collect woods where a man raped her at gun-point. The man threatened her and told her not to share the incident with anyone. Fearing death, she did not even tell her parents about the incident. However, when Manoj learned of her pregnancy, on July 13th he forced her to take some oral pills.

SHO Devendra Kumar Sharma said, “She said that on July 13, when Manoj learnt of her pregnancy, he reached her home when she was alone and forced her to take contraceptive pills.”

The foetus has been sent to the forensic lab for examination.

In a similar incident, in April this year, a 20-year-old woman reached the police station in Madhya Pradesh’s Satna district carrying her four-month-old aborted foetus in a bag. The woman alleged that four men raped her and she was forced to abort her baby.

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