Out On Bike Ride With Boyfriend, 26-Yr-Old Techie Gangraped By 10 Men: 10 Things To Know

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A 26-year-old software engineer was allegedly gang-raped by around 10 men in Jharkhand’s West Singhbhum district, police said today. According to authorities, ten or more men allegedly gang-raped a 26-year-old software engineer in Jharkhand’s West Singhbhum district. The incident occurred on Thursday, October 20 while the woman was riding her motorcycle with her boyfriend. She was in Jharkhand as she works from home.

The police told the Press Trust of India that a group of eight to ten men stopped the couple, beat the boyfriend, and then allegedly gang-raped the woman after leading her to a remote location. According to Superintendent of Police Ashutosh Shekhar, a file has been opened at the neighbourhood police station, and an inquiry is being conducted to determine who was responsible for the event.

 26-Yr-Old Techie Gangraped By 10 Men: 10 Things To Know

– A 26-year-old software engineer works at a well-known IT company and was in her hometown in Jharkhand as she was working from home.

– She was on a two-wheeler with her boyfriend on Thursday evening when the accident happened close to the former airport in Chaibasa.

– Eight to ten men stopped the couple, assaulted the boyfriend, and then allegedly led the woman to a remote location where they raped her.

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– Superintendent of Police Ashutosh Shekhar stated that a case had been opened at the Muffasil police station and that an investigation to find individuals responsible for the crime was now taking place.

– Sub-Divisional Police Officer (Sadar) Dilip Khalko reported that twelve people had been held for questioning in relation to the event.

– According to the reports, after raping her, the suspect abandoned the woman and ran away. Her wallet and phone were also taken away.

–  The woman made it home somehow, where she told her family about the incident, and they reported it to the police.

– She underwent a medical examination at the Sadar Hospital.

-The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) called for the resignation of the chief minister in response to the incident. According to former BJP chief minister Raghubar Das, the Soren administration has shown utter insensitivity to the spate of rape incidents that have occurred in the state during the past three years.