Team India Flaunts Mothers’ Names On Jerseys

Team India

Today’s India Vs New Zealand match in Vishakhapatnam may be a regular ODI, but players of Team India have a special reason to celebrate. Instead of their surnames, their jerseys for this match sport their mothers’ names.

Mothers do so much for each member of the family but seldom get any appreciation or recognition. Usually, the last names are those of the fathers. Putting the mothers’ first name on their jerseys is the Indian team’s way of paying respect to mothers.

“We are quite used to having our dads’ surnames, and what’s important is to appreciate the stuff mothers have done for us. It’s a very emotional connect and it’s good that it is put on a public platform. I would like to request the whole of India to keep this in mind every day and appreciate them every day,” said M S Dhoni told Indian Express.

“Mothers’ contribution to the family is just like that of soldiers’ contribution to the country,” Dhoni added.

Even in the past, other teams have promoted women’s issues through the jerseys they wear. The last South African team wore pink jerseys to support breast cancer awareness.

Team India has definitely wooed many hearts with this gesture and reminded Indians the value of mothers in our life. Kudos to Team India for coming up with this innovative concept.

Picture credit- DNA India