UNICEF Hopeful For Collaboration With Taliban, Says Some Support Education Of Girls

Taliban on education of girls
Taliban On Education of Girls: United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said on Tuesday that some representatives of the Taliban are willing to support the education of girls.

The children’s agency of the UN said that they are still delivering aid in most parts of Afghanistan after the militant group took over the country on Sunday and are optimistic about future developments.

Mustapha Ben Messaoud, UNICEF’s chief of field operations in Afghanistan, told U.N, “We have ongoing discussions, we are quite optimistic based on those discussions. We have not a single issue with the Taliban in those field offices.”

He added that out of 13 field offices in Afghanistan, 11 of them are currently operational.

The Taliban’s return to Afghanistan has evoked fear among people as the militant organisation’s brutal practices during 1996-2001 are expected to return. During the Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan before the US invasion, women were not allowed to work or step out of their houses without a male member of their family. Girls were not allowed to go to school.

Several reports during the past week have claimed that the militant organisation is bringing back those oppressive diktats. United Nations chief Antonia Guterres on Monday warned that under the Taliban, Afghanistan may experience “chilling curbs” on human rights. Violence against women and little girls can also increase.

UNICEF in its briefing at Geneva cited statements from some local representatives of Taliban who said that they are waiting for orders from their leaders on the subject of educating girls. Some of them also said that they want schools to be “up and running”. Messaoud claimed that one Taliban health representative in Herat asked female employees to report to duty.

He added that UNICEF is yet to make direct contact with the Taliban leaders in the Afghanistan capital, Kabul.

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