What Are Taliban’s Views On Divorced Women?

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Taliban On Divorcee Women: The Islamic militia group reportedly issued a ‘death warrant’ for an Afghan refugee living in India. The woman had divorced her husband after reportedly discovering his active role in the Taliban. Her husband had allegedly sold off two of his daughters to the Taliban.

Trigger Warning: The article contains graphic details. 

As per reports, Hayat, the Afghan woman living in India said, “The Taliban have come out with a ‘death warrant’ for me. They will take away my other two daughters as well. The terrorist group has said ‘Money has been spent to buy the children, now they are ours’. I can’t return to Afghanistan fearing a threat to my daughters’ lives.”

The woman also said that her husband had tried to stab her four times the scars of which are reportedly visible on her head, neck and fingers. She is living with two of her daughters aged 13 and 14 years. She said that she doesn’t have any information about her other two daughters who were sold to the Taliban.

She added, “Today Afghanistan is completely in shambles.” She said that she is happy staying in India but she is yet to make my refugee card. Hayat works as a gym trainer in Delhi with the help of which she has built a home for herself.

Taliban on divorcee woman

Divorce is considered to be a taboo by the Taliban. The group believes that “A woman only leaves her father’s house in the white bridal clothes, and she can only return in the white shrouds.” There have been reports of the killing of divorcee women who remarried.

In one such case, an Afghan man had consented to separation while he was overseas. The Afghan woman had later remarried. After the man’s return, he reportedly filed a case in the self-appointed Taliban court against her remarriage. The Taliban militants then shot the woman dead and denied the killing according to reports.

There are also regular reports of the public killing of Afghan women accused of adultery or other alleged transgressions. In some cases, even after the women report domestic violence and other crimes against their husbands, their appeals aren’t processed by the court for years.

An Afghan woman named Setara woke up to her drug addict husband cutting her nose off, according to a guardian report. After she tried to fight him off, he stabbed her in the chest and slashed her lips and she lost consciousness again. Due to the turmoil, her four children woke up and chased him away. She has still not been able to get a legal separation from the court. She was helped by a local attorney and also the Spanish army who helped her undergo surgeries in Spain and Turkey.

Taliban’s recent claims of ‘no discrimination against women’

A few days ago, the Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid had said that the “Taliban are committed to providing women their rights based on Islam.” He also added that they are allowing women to work in the health sector and other sectors where they are needed.

The Afghan refugees who are currently residing in India had protested for the protection of Afghan women stuck in Afghanistan under the Taliban rule. One of the protestors alleged to the media that all the promises made by the Taliban are false.

They claimed women arent allowed to work or even step outside their houses without a male escort. Women are also forcibly married and kept as sex slaves, she said.