Taliban Came To My House Looking For Me: Youngest Afghan Mayor Zarifa Ghafari

Mayor Zarifa Ghafari ,Who Is Zarifa Ghafari
The youngest Afghan mayor Zarifa Ghafari said that the Taliban were looking for her and also that they beat up her house guard.

The Mayor of Maidan Shahr ,capital city of the Wardak Province in Afghanistan, Zarifa Ghafari said that the Taliban have a list of people who chose a liberal approach earlier. She added that the Islamic extremist group is looking for her. She further added that the Taliban came to her house and were searching for her. Ghafari also said that the militia group beat her house guard.

She added, “Afghanistan was ours & it’ll remain ours no matter who comes. If women like me are now not there it’s because… Just like a tiger who takes two steps back to come back with more force…We have to show to the world the real face of Taliban in Afghanistan.”

The youngest Afghan female mayor Zarifa Ghafari said in her statement, “My aim is to meet high ranking officials, politicians & women of different countries to make them aware of the real situation in Afghanistan, and ask them to join me for start of a movement.”

Zabihullah Mujahid, the Taliban spokesman said last Tuesday that women “will be very active in society but within the framework of Islam“. Ghafari first fled to Istanbul with her family. She was one of the country’s first female mayors. She said that she is there to raise the voice of those 99% of people in Afghanistan who are not able to come out of their houses and those women who are not able to work and speak out.

Zarifa Ghafari was appointed as Mayor at the age of 26. The US Secretary of State chose her as an International Woman of Courage in 2020. Apart from being an advocate for democratic rights, she is also an entrepreneur, politician and activist.