Taliban Bans Women's Beauty Salons In Afghanistan

The imposition of this new restriction on Afghan women by the Taliban government has sparked controversy at both national and international levels.

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The Taliban government in Afghanistan had banned women’s beauty salons in Kabul and other districts of the country, according to a statement to TOLO News by a spokesperson for the Taliban Ministry of Vice and Virtue, Mohammad Akif Mahajar.

The Taliban Ministry of Vice and Virtue also directed the Kabul Municipality to issue a new decree to cancel the licences of women’s beauty salons.

Taliban Bans Women Beauty Salons 

In the report, the makeup artist named Raihan Mubariz claimed that many men are jobless, and when they cannot take care of the family, the women are forced to work in beauty salons. She asked how they'd manage if that was banned too.

Another makeup artist expressed her concern that if men had jobs, women wouldn’t have to work. Now that men don't, she voiced her desperation by asking if the government wanted them to starve to death.

This comes after the Taliban took over Afghanistan and banned girls and women from going to schools, universities, working at NGOs, and visiting public places such as parks, cinemas, and other recreational areas.

The imposition of this new restriction on Afghan women by the Taliban government has sparked controversy at both national and international levels.


Since the Taliban took over Afghanistan in August 2021, women have gradually been wiped out of the public domain. Girls and women are losing their fundamental rights one after the other, pushing them back into the stone age, where women were confined to four walls. This move to ban women’s salons is a further move to restrict women’s rights in Afghanistan.

Several women have come out in protest against the Taliban government and voiced their concern over the education, employment, and public life bans and limitations imposed on women. International bodies such as the United Nations have also instructed the Taliban to end all gender-based violence and restrictions, yet the Taliban rulers seem to be paying a deaf ear to national and international outrage against them.

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