Suzanne Clark To Become First Female CEO Of US Chamber Of Commerce

Suzanne Clark
Suzanne Clark: Suzanne Clark will become the first woman CEO of US Chamber of Commerce from March 11 onwards.

The US Chamber of Commerce, the premier business-oriented American lobbying group, appointed Suzanne Clark as its next Chief Executive Officer. She will be succeeding Thomas J. Donohue, becoming the first woman to hold the position. 

Suzanne Clark, who currently serves as the President of the same institution, will take the charge as the new CEO from March 11, 2021.

The would-be CEO is also the director on two corporate boards, a former business owner, and ‘an entrepreneur at heart’. She serves on the boards of agricultural equipment maker AGCO and TransUnion, a global risk and credit information provider.

She is taking charge amidst economic challenges and political change in the USA due to the pandemic and the change of US President and ruling party respectively.

Suzanne Clark mostly led the group’s response to the pandemic and the subsequent economic crisis last year. The chamber praised her role in ‘strengthening relationships with state and local chamber of commerce organizations’ ahead of the lockdowns owing to the pandemic.

In an official statement, Suzanne said, “American businesses are dealing with the uncertainty of the pandemic, the challenges of a recession and uneven recovery, stark shifts in government leadership and policy, and near-constant disruptions being driven by rapid technological advancement.” Furthermore, she also cited ‘tremendous opportunities for businesses to serve people and communities’.

In the official website of US Chamber of Commerce, Suzanne stated, “We believe in the power of American businesses to improve lives, innovate solutions, and change the world, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce exists to help them do it. We fight for the job creators because we know what a job means to a family, to a community, and to the overall economy.”

US Chamber of Commerce is deemed as the world’s largest business federation. It represents more than 3 million businesses as well as state and local chambers and industry associations of the USA.

Feature Image Credits: US Chamber of Commerce official website