5 Qualities of a great woman CEO

Most successful women executives pride themselves on their people’s qualities and not just skill. Leadership is as much about teams as it is about individuals. South Korea has the highest proportion of women CEOs in the world with 30% of the companies with a female CEO followed by China at 9% and European Union at just 5%. Despite different numbers n stats women continue to make their mark as leaders with what may be perceived as universal qualities. Shubhangini Arora lists out five.


1. COMMUNICATION. Women naturally have great communication skills. By being constantly in touch with people from all departments, one can ensure smooth management. A successful CEO needs to constantly motivate her team and boost their morale even at a time of crisis.


2. DETERMINATION. With people sometimes being extra doubting of their female colleagues, one should not succumb to the pressures. Taking responsibility for one’s actions- profitable or not, shows courage and confidence.


3. ENTREPRENEURIAL. Vision and willingness to take risks helps a CEO to further achieve and not just manage a successful company. Aruna Jayanthi, CEO of Capgemini India, achieved a significant revenue increase- more than 16 % in 2012 and added nearly 8,000 people at a time when many companies had slowed hiring.


4. STRATEGIC. Strategic planning for the organization is the responsibility of top management. A clear vision and knowing what you want from individuals and departments helps efficient and optimum usage of resources.


5. RESPECTING EQUALITY. According to Nishi Vasudeva, Marketing director of HPCL (the only full-time woman director of an oil PSU) one should not expect any positive differentiation as a woman. Angela Braly, CEO of WellPoint too says, “The most important factor in determining whether you will succeed isn’t your gender, it’s you.”