Suresh Raina Launches Gracia Raina Foundation For Underprivileged Mothers

Suresh Raina with Gracia

Cricketer Suresh Raina and his wife Priyanka Chaudhary Raina’s daughter Gracia Raina turned one yesterday.

The sweetest surprise on their daughter’s birthday was that they announced the launch of a foundation which would help aid underprivileged mothers across India.

Named after their daughter the Gracia Raina Foundation is a great step in bettering the society. It is dedicated to helping mothers and children in underprivileged areas with physical and mental health issues. The foundation also aims to provide a sustainable livelihood for mothers and their children.

Priyanka Raina said in a statement to the Economics Times, “Gracia Raina Foundation aims to provide support and effective solutions to ensure maternal and new-born wellness by implementing a self-sustained model. The idea is to empower, engage and facilitate women by enhancing their capabilities. Our model is one of creative collaboration, creating a supportive environment for all women.”

Priyanka has been known to be involved with other charity initiatives such as PAALNA with Red FM and The Delhi NCR Food Bank Network. In India, underprivileged women do not get access to good healthcare, and it is a commendable effort by Suresh Raina and his wife to use their fame to help out the society.

Since it was their daughter’s first birthday, both Suresh Raina and his wife took it to twitter to share their feelings. Suresh Raina tweeted, “One year ago you came into our life and brought with you so much sunshine and joy! Happy Birthday Gracia! #HappyBirthday #GraciaTurns1”.

Priyanka also tweeted, “You are and will always remain that little piece of my heart and soul! #HappyBirthday #Gracia, my baby! #GraciaTurns1 #Babygirl #daughterlove

We wish Gracia a wonderful life ahead!

Pic credits: MTV India

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