Surat Bizman Marries Off 251 Girls In A Mass Wedding, Again

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Surat mass wedding

Remember Mahesh Savani – the Diamond Merchant in Surat, who had earlier adopted over 470 daughters in Gujarat and spent Rs 4 Lakh on their wedding? He has done it again! The businessman has recently funded the mass wedding of 250 girls who couldn't afford the expenses.


Savani gave his blessings to 250 young couples in Surat on Dec 24, including five Muslim couples and a Christian couple, two HIV positive women -- and hosted a grand wedding

Savani believes in karma. He is a strong believer of good deeds and thinks that the act of giving away brides is a blessing from God. Savani has been funding and organising weddings since 2012.

The venue was lit bright with hundreds of brides in colourful ethnic attire and ornaments. Thousands of guests were invited to watch the experience of the mass wedding where Savani himself did Kanyadaan.

According to Savani, it’s not only his but a 'social responsibility' to help women who can't afford their own weddings

Around a decade ago, Savani did the same deed when his nieces were getting married and their father had passed away. He took up the parent's responsibility and performed their ‘kanyadaan’.

This very incident helped him realize that there’s countless girls who had lost their fathers or did not have a father figure to look up to.

”It is challenging for a woman who has lost her husband to get her daughter married,” Savani told TOI

Since then, he swore to never leave any woman fatherless. In previous weddings, Savani has gifted the brides gold and furniture worth Rs 500,000 to each to help them start their married lives. They are expected to receive similar gifts this year too.

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