Man Performs Kanyadaan Of Over 700 Girls In Mass Marriage

Surat mass wedding

When the world was celebrating Christmas, a businessman in Surat was busy performing Kanyadaan of 236 fatherless girls. The marriage ceremony saw girls from Rajasthan, Bihar and Maharashtra getting married in the mass marriage ceremony. The ceremony was not restricted to Hindu girls alone as there were up to 5 Muslim girls and one Christian girl getting married as per their rituals.

Notably, two bridegrooms from the family also got married at the mass marriage ceremony in Surat on Sunday.

Savani family

Jay Savani gets married in mass marriage ceremony organised by Savani Group
PIcture Credits: Siyasat Daily

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Savani family has been doing this for the past five years now and have constantly been increasing the numbers. The family had conducted mass marriages of 22 girls in 2012, 53 in 2013, 111 in 2014 and 151 in 2015, reported TOI.

Mahesh Savani of Savani Group told HT, “I feel extremely proud for organising such a mass wedding….my son Mitul and my uncle’s son Jay also got married during the ceremony. I have now become a proud foster-father of 708 fatherless girls who were married off by my family in the last five years,” he said.

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mass marriage

Ariel view of mass marriage ceremony in Surat
picture credits: HT

As per reports, all the girls who got married at the ceremony were given clothes, ornaments, utensils and five house appliances each to help the brides start their married life.

Savani started organising mass weddings after one of his employees died just days before his daughter’s marriage.