Sunny Leone Unhappy With Docu Film On Her Life

Sunny Leone remove 'Kaur' Leone's biopic sikh bodies

A critically acclaimed documentary on the life of an adult film star-turned Bollywood actress is facing issues regarding its release in India. A documentary on Sunny Leone’s life was commissioned to be shot by photojournalist-turned-filmmaker Dilip Mehta. The documentary, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, has been well received in all film festivals so far. But the documentary hasn’t been able to impress Sunny herself. She even skipped the premiere citing a family function.

In an interview with PTI , Sunny said, “I hope it doesn’t come to India. Because that’s not the story that is mine. This is somebody else’s opinion, somebody else’s vision. No one has a right to tell your life story except for you.” She added, “It’s really simple, at the end of the day, it’s my personal story. I surrendered to his vision but when it got to my story, how it looks and the story that is actually told… In my view, no one in this entire world has the right to say how my life should be told.”

But according to Dilip, Sunny did not have any inhibitions about the shoot and was very supportive and cooperative with the team all along.

The movie, which had four screenings at the Jio Mami 2016 festival in Mumbai, was received very well by the audience. The documentary was aimed at portraying Sunny’s life just the way it was and Dilip Mehta in an interview with Scroll.in said, “We have stayed true to the facts and I have not been judgemental…I am doing what a documentarian does – I am not pontificating, but merely recording. Even during the editing, there were so many ways one could have manipulated and controlled the material.”

Dilip Mehta also said that, “she (Sunny Leone) is a remarkable person – unapologetic, unrepentant and a liberal feminist”. He announced that the movie’s rights have been bought by Netflix and will soon release worldwide.

This famous porn actress hit the newsstands when she was asked to join the contestants in the Big Boss house. Ever since, Sunny has been doing Bollywood movies, one after the other.

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