Did Rishi Sunak Sack Suella Braverman For Pro-Palestine Rally Remark?

UK PM Rishi Sunak has taken decisive action by removing his Interior Minister, Suella Braverman, from office. The move comes in the wake of Braverman's public criticism of the police's handling of a pro-Palestinian march.

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suella braverman accuses london police of being pro palestine

Prime Minister Rishis Sunak has been facing demands to sack the Home Secretary over her remarks. | Photo: AFP

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak took decisive action on Monday, sacking his interior minister, Suella Braverman. This move came in the wake of heightened scrutiny over Braverman's public criticism of the police's handling of a pro-Palestinian march, a stance that had drawn ire from both opposition lawmakers and members within Sunak's own Conservative Party.


Background and Controversy

The right-wing Conservative party's Home Secretary alleged that the pro-Palestinian marchers were "hate marchers" and "mobs" that threatened the Jewish community. Earlier, Braverman had also made comments claiming that some people were homeless due to "lifestyle choices."

Recently, Suella Braverman published an article accusing the police of adopting "double standards" in their approach to protests. This move, in defiance of Prime Minister Sunak, further intensified tensions at a pro-Palestinian demonstration over the weekend. 

"I do not believe that these marches are merely a cry for help for Gaza," Braverman, wrote in an opinion piece in The Times. "They are an assertion of primacy by certain groups- particularly Islamists". "Unfortunately, there is a perception that senior police officers play favourites when it comes to protesters," she added.

Background of the Reshuffle

The dismissal came after Braverman faced intense criticism for her stance on pro-Palestinian protests, where she vehemently called for their cessation. In a bold move, she asserted that London's streets were "being polluted by hate, violence, and antisemitism," condemning what she deemed as "sick" chants and placards during a recent Saturday march.


Prime Minister's Decision

Under the weight of public and media scrutiny, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak opted to part ways with Braverman, signaling a departure from her controversial policies. The prime minister's decision to remove her from the government was met with acceptance from Braverman herself, according to reports from multiple UK media outlets.

Rallies Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict

London is expecting to hold a large rally on the occasion of Armistice Day on November 11, which marks the end of World War I. London police said that they fear counter-protestors which could lead to violence. But police chief Mark Rowley said that any ban on rallying would require intelligence of a threat of serious disorder and that so far that threshold had not been crossed.

Protesters have gathered in London every weekend to demand a ceasefire in Gaza and around 1 lakh protestors, the largest number marshalled so far. While most of the protests have been peaceful, a handful of protestors were caught with banners in support of Hamas, which Britain has declared as a terrorist group, and a few chants of "from the river to the sea," demanding Israel to be completely wiped out were heard. This prompted Suella Braverman to make the claims in the Times article.

The situation escalated when over 140 individuals were arrested as far-right counter-protesters clashed with the police, who were attempting to maintain order amidst the 300,000 pro-Palestinian marchers.


Suella Braverman's ousting, British politics stands at a crossroads. Sunak's decisive action reflects a commitment to maintaining unity within the Conservative Party and addressing concerns raised by both political opponents and party members. As the political landscape transforms, the implications of this reshuffle will undoubtedly reverberate through the corridors of power in the UK.

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