Stories of Women by Women Dominated NY Film Fest

Neha Seth
New Update
New York Film Festival

Some of the most loved movies from the film festival were women-centric and talked about modern age women and their aspirations, troubles and life in general. It was good to see that out of 58 feature-length films screened at the festival, 12 were directed by women.


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Some of the most noted films that are must watch are Elle and Things to Come, Personal ShopperCertain Women, and Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk. One can just not forget to mention the powerful roles portrayed by Michelle WBut the 2016 NY Film Festival was all dominated by the power and creativity of Women. Ava DuVernay became the first woman of colour in the festival’s 54-year history to direct an opening night film “13th” . Williams in Manchester By the Sea and Certain Women.

Three of our best picks from the film fest are-

13th -DuVernay’s documentary talks about America’s history of racism and problems faced by coloured men and women. The movie is not entirely focused on women but the problems portrayed in the movie are definitely worth a watch.

20th Century Women- Well, the title of the movie says it all. We see three women of three generations teaching a young boy all about life. They teach him everything that a man should know -- from feminism to struggle. The best line of the movie, “You don’t need a man to raise a man.”

Personal Shopper- Kristen Stewart woos us as Maureen, a simple girl with an unusual life. She has life quite unlike any other, her favourite past time is communing with spirits, secretly trying on her employer’s designer clothes. She can also be seen trading text messages with a stranger purporting to be her dead brother. There is something different about her which makes you want to know her more.


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