The primary significant of calcium in a woman’s body is its function in bone development. Women are diagnosed with less bone mass and therefore need to make sure that their calcium intake in their young adolescence age is proper and in enough quantity.

Bone thinning

Women suffer from bone thinning because of lack of calcium in their bodies. The bloodstream needs calcium and is an important mineral for physiological development. When there is less calcium in the bloodstream, the blood automatically takes the calcium from the bones, leaving the bone mass less. This leads to osteoporosis.

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Important for female athletes

While calcium needs to be included in every woman’s diet, female athletes in particular need to be aware of their mineral requirements. Most of them undergo special diets, training that leave them with less nutrients to suffice on. Some even suffer from osteoporosis that lead to stress fractures and other injuries.


According to a study done by National Osteoporosis Foundation, bone density can decline up to 20 percent in the first seven years of menopause. This is due to the drop in level of estrogen in the body. Many of you may not know this but estrogen acts as a key factor when it comes to bone health, for men and women both. Women need to be extra careful when they hit menopause, to add extra calcium to their diet. Of course consult your doctor first, but know that a healthy diet is important.


The baby growing inside you needs calcium for bone development and hence, it becomes of utmost important that pregnant women take specific measures in including that in their diet. Bone development happen at a very early stage and hence speaking to your doctor and getting all the information becomes necessary. High blood pressure can be a problem for pregnant women and calcium lowers your risk of preeclampsia, that is characterized by high BP.