Steps Men Can Take To Support Feminism

Charvi Kathuria
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Steps Men Can Take To Support Feminism

Feminism, since very long, has been misunderstood as a social institution that glorifies women while demeaning their male counterparts. It actually stands for equal rights for both men and women. There have been a lot of level-headed men in the past who have supported feminism and encouraged others to do as well. This is a good sign but it is equally important for men to practise what they preach by internalizing feminism through their actions. Here's how they can do so:


1. Contribute in household work

There are so many women who aren't able to step out of their homes because of a zillion responsibilities on their head. Even if they step out, the scenario remains the same. Men, after returning from work, do not even budge from their place. This needs to change. Helping the women of the family in household work is one gigantic step in the direction of gender-equality. Women deserve to heave a sigh of relief.

2. Give women some space

We know that you are not a stalker but the woman standing next to you at the station platform does not! The country has become quite unsafe. It is very natural for women to feel insecure in the presence of men and maintain considerable distance from them. You can do your bit by respecting their decision.

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3. Challenge sexism


Sexism at the workplace is a very common concept. As a man, you can confront your male or even female colleagues who use sexism as a tool to humiliate others. If you are a father, challenge the notions of patriarchy at home. Evade confining your kids to specific gender roles. They will admire you for giving them the freedom to be whatever they want to.

4. Have female role models

Your female boss, who shows up early in the morning, works as hard as possible and is the last one to leave office. She can be your ideal. You can find your daughter or your wife inspiring. If possible, let those specific women know how you perceive them. You will make their day!

5. Stop judging women on their dressing style

How many times have you been caught ogling at women wearing something which you feel is inappropriate? Dear men, it is time for you to understand that women deserve the liberty of wearing whatever they want. Your continuous gaze won't force them to alter their preferences.

6. Befriend women


Having female friends gives you bit of a perspective about women and their feelings. Having meaningful conversations with them will help you shed a lot of pre-conceived notions you had with regard to women.

7. Be aware

Read up on women's issues. This will change your outlook, broaden your horizon and make you more sensitive towards women.

SheThePeople.Tv spoke to Rahul Bajaj, an MBA student in Dwarka, about the same.

"I think academic institutions can play an important role in this. Making male and female students work together in groups is one brilliant idea that needs to be implemented everywhere. I personally feel that women have great leadership qualities. I do not leave any occasion to appreciate any of my female classmates if I find them doing a commendable job."

The need of the hour is to transform archaic mindsets by sowing the seed of feminism in their minds. Apart from benefiting women, feminism helps men in a whole lot of ways. It can help both the genders collaborate and work together to combat problems plaguing society.


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