Stay In Gauri And Shah Rukh Khan’s Delhi Home On Airbnb: Find Out How

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Ever dreamed of living like a celebrity? I’m sure you have. We all have. And that dream is now well on its way to become a reality. Bollywood’s starriest couple Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan have listed their Delhi home on the homestay rental portal Airbnb, opening their doors to one lucky duo that will get a look-feel of how the Badshah and his queen live. Want to spend your next relaxing getaway living how the Khans do? We’ll tell you how.

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About The Khans’ Delhi Home

Sharing pictures of the inside of his house in the capital, Shah Rukh Khan wrote on Instagram about the significance Delhi holds for him and his wife, as the city of both their early youths. “With so many memories of our early days in Delhi, the city holds a very special place in our hearts,” he mentioned. Snaps of his place in South Delhi’s posh Panchsheel Park show a royally decorated residence, imbued with a homely, cozy ambiance.

Khan further wrote that the house has only recently been redesigned by his wife Gauri, who is a high-profile and accomplished interior designer. Pictures show that there are even photo frames of the Khans with their children displayed on tabletops. 

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How To Stay In The Khans’ Airbnb?

In what is a partnership with Airbnb, a contest will be held to determine one winner who will be permitted to bring one guest for a one-night stay on February 13, 2021, in the Khans’ Panchsheel Park house.

According to official Airbnb sources on their website, “Gauri has also curated a personalised experience for the guests which includes – a festive dinner of Khan family favourites and movie marathon of Shah Rukh’s most notable and favourite films. Guests will leave this extraordinary experience having spent a day in the life of the Khans, with personalised keepsakes from the family as a treasured memory of this unique event.”

Fans are chuffed to be given the opportunity to stay in their favourite star couple’s home – walk the same floors they have walked and sit at the same tables they probably have – even if for one night.

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