Indian Woman Killed In Israel After Gaza Launches Rocket Attack Amid Escalating Tensions

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Indian woman killed in Israel after Palestine launched a rocket strike on Israel from Gaza, Tuesday, during the ongoing Middle-Eastern conflict that has seen a steady escalation in the last week. The victim has been identified as Soumya Santosh, a 32-year-old woman from Kerala who was working as a caregiver for elderly persons in the city of Ashkelon, very near to the conflicted Gaza Strip.

She is survived by her husband and young daughter, both of whom are at home in Kerala.

Two other deaths, both of women, have been reported from Israel, marking the first casualties from the country during the violent engagement with extremist Palestine organisation Hamas. 30 Palestinians are reported to be dead, as per NBC, with international calls of concern being raised in connection to the conflict and human rights violations.

BJP leader and minister of state for external affairs V Muraleedharan expressed condolences to Santosh’s family late Tuesday night and “assured all possible assistance” to them.

Indian Woman Killed In Israel, Global Calls For Restraint In The Middle-East Grow

As per some reports, Soumya Santosh was killed mid-call with her family in Kerala. “My brother heard a huge sound during the video call. Suddenly the phone got disconnected. Then we immediately contacted fellow Malayalees working there. Thus we came to know about the incident,” Santosh’s brother-in-law told PTI. 

Arrangements are being made to bring Santosh’s body back home to India, the family says.

Santosh, who hailed from Idukki in southern India, had reportedly been working in Israel for the past seven years. Her sister-in-law, who works there too, detailed incidents on Tuesday, as reported by New Indian Express“After hearing about it, I rushed to the house where Soumya worked. The mortar shell landed on the house and the entire building was completely destroyed.  Both Soumya and the elderly woman whom she was attending died in the attack.”

The Israel-Palestine conflict is witnessing the worst flare-up in years, with the situation on edge as reports of daily violence emerge from on-ground. Palestinian militants claim to have fired over 130 missiles at Tel Aviv, as attacks extend beyond Jerusalem.

The United Nations has directed Israel to exercise “maximum restraint” at this time.