Juhi Chawla’s Virtual 5G Hearing Interrupted By Man Crooning Her Songs. Internet Has A Field Day

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A man singing songs at Juhi Chawla court hearings on her plea against 5G has left the internet in splits. In what has become meme fodder for the day, the Delhi High Court’s virtual hearing in the case on Wednesday was repeatedly interrupted by an unknown person belting out lyrics from some of Chawla’s most iconic songs.

A crazed fan? Someone monkeying around? A bored 9-to-5 employee bored at work? Who is it? Who knows.

Whoever it was, began with Ghoonghat Ki Aad Se Dilbar Ka from Chawla’s 1993 film with Aamir Khan Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke, before the judge ordered for him to be muted.

“I hope these are not distractions from the defendants. No supporter of Juhi will do this,” Chawla’s counsel advocate Deepak Khosla said. “Maybe the person is already affected by 4G radiations.”

Chawla has filed a suit against the implementation of 5G networks in India, citing lack of data and probable risks to the health of human beings, flora and other fauna. The hearing was scheduled for May 31 but was postponed to June 2. Here’s what the complaint says. As of Wednesday, the Delhi HC has reserved judgment on whether Chawla’s plea should be entertained or not.

Songs At Juhi Chawla Court Hearings: The Hilarious Mid-Week Distraction Netizens Needed

The ‘courtroom singer’ wasn’t satisfied with exhibiting his talents with just one song, it seems, and the threat of being muted did not intimidate him.

The person only had time enough to sing Laal Laal Honthon Pe, from Chawla’s 1995 movie Naajayaz with Ajay Devgn, before the court ordered for him to be removed from the call. Too determined was he to go without one last solo, this time Meri Banno Ki Ayegi Baarat from Chawla and Jackie Shroff’s 1993 film Aaina. 

“Please identify and issue contempt notice. Contact Delhi Police IT department. We’ll issue notice,” Justice JR Midha finally said in agitation.

Reports suggest this was not the only disruption at the hearing, as one individual flashed a photo of Chawla on their phone mid-meeting as well. The courtroom was reportedly not locked initially, allowing anyone with access to the meeting link to join. Juhi Chawla’s Instagram shows, in fact, that she had shared a link to the court hearing earlier in the day, asking people to join and support her.

songs at juhi chawla court hearing

Screengrab: Juhi Chawla stories / Instagram

Social media users, alert as ever to anything out of the ordinary, more so on workdays, are having a field day with the court incidents. We rounded up some reactions for you: