Sonam Malik Responds To Wrestling Federation of India Notice: Won’t Repeat It

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Sonam Malik WFI Notice Response: After the WFI (Wrestling Federation of India ) issued a notice to wrestler Sonam Malik, she responded to it saying that she won’t repeat it. The federation now awaits the reply from Vinesh Phogat, cousin of Geeta and Babita Phogat.

The 19-year-old wrestler Sonam Malik was suspended on Tuesday for indiscipline on three counts during the Tokyo Olympics. A WFI source said, “Sonam has replied to the notice and promised that she won’t repeat it. The federation will soon take a decision on the matter.” They further added, “The federation is awaiting a response to the notice. WFI has nothing to do with what she writes otherwise.”

The Wrestling Federation of India had put a temporary ban on wrestler Vinesh Phogat for not staying with the team she was assigned. She is given time till August 16 for replying to the federation. They also said that Phogat threw tantrums after reaching Tokyo from Hungary.

Vinesh Phogat is the first Indian to win Gold at both the Commonwealth Games as well as the Asian Games. On Friday, Phogat broke the silence about her failure at the Olympics and addressed pressing issues that were bothering her. She penned a note and mentioned how she was assigned her usual physio who would actually understand her body. She wrote how she was assigned a physio from the shooting team who couldn’t really help her.

Phogat also wrote about mental health which read, “Now, I find it difficult to cry. I have zero mental strength right now. Like they did not even let me regret my loss. Everyone was ready with their knives.”

She further wrote, “I don’t know when I will return (to the mat). Maybe I won’t. I feel I was better off with that broken leg. I had something to correct. Now my body is not broken, but I’m truly broken.”