Former Actor Somy Ali Says She Had No Interest In Acting

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Somy Ali: Actor Somi Ali who got paired with many stars such as Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan and others, recently talked about her career in Bollywood.

During an Interview with the Peeping Moon, the former actor touched upon a lot of things in her life. She said she is baffled to realise that she did 10 films in her career. Somy said, “I am baffled that how I did 10 films. From Salman, to Sanjay, to Saif, to Chunky, to Govinda, to Mithun da, Om Puri, I send them my heartiest apologies for dealing with me as an actor. And especially Mithun da, with whom I did four films; he was so patient with me. Suniel, I am so sorry, I was the worst dancer.”

She also said that she came to India as a teen just to marry Salman Khan. She said that she was 16 years old when she watched Maine Pyar Kiya and thought “I have to marry this guy”. She also apologised to her directors and producers as she said, ” I had no interest in acting”.

During the interview, Somy also opened up about being sexually abused a child in Pakistan. She said,” The first time I was sexually abused in Pakistan, I was 5 years old. There were 3 incidents in the servant’s quarters. I told my mum and dad, actions were taken. ” She then added that her parents told her to conceal the information. “In my head, I lived with that for years. I thought, “Did I do something wrong? Why was I told by my parents?” she added.

Somy said that she only started talking about the incident three years ago even though she was running a non-profit organisation named No More Tears for the last 14 years.