Soar like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee



The Malheur in today’s times could not emphasize more on the need to learn basic combat. Women, in all their helplessness, are coming to realize that self-help is the best help. In dire situations, one need not be a Kung Fu master so as to house a shred of hope. The practitioners of almost every major martial art have derived guerilla tactics that they can disseminate to women, so that her freedom is almost a strategic nudge, a sharp flick and finally- a well-positioned kick away. Read on to find out which forms of self-defense are as easy to find and practice, as lethal they are in application:


Krav Maga:

This is perhaps the ideal example- because conceptually itself, it is a set of tactics for the survival of the fittest, for those who are roughing it out on the streets. And the lord knows that if street fighting had one rule- it is that there are no rules. They are all based on instant action-reaction combinations, driven by instinct. That’s precisely what Krav Maga does- it hones your instinct, and ingrains the sort of alertness and quick-on your-feet thinking while resisting an assault. It is an art of defense rather than offense.

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This Japanese art is amongst the most mainstream forms of combat in India, and tutorials of every duration- right from one hour workshops to one decade long intensive courses- are available at the corner of every street. Like Krav Maga, Karate is also a set of moves for defense, and teaches one unarmed combat, predominantly using punchingkickingknee strikeselbow strikes and razor-sharp open hand techniques.

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[Picture Credits: Shotokan Karate]

Muy Thai

This is a combat sport of Thailand, this sport has gained popularity as not only a martial art, but also a form of rigorous exercise. Known as the ‘art of the eight limbs’ – it combines usage of elbows, fists, knees and shins to their full potential – for a formidable offense as well as an aggressive defense.

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This is a beautiful dance form with its roots in our rustic southern state of Kerala. I say beautiful, because this versatile martial art, that has been modernized to teach women to fight by turning any object in their hands into a weapon, also contributes some of its actions to Kerala dance forms like Kathakali. Dancer who were trained in Kalari Payattu are known to be much more agile than their contemporaries.

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Mixed Martial Arts:

As the name suggests, this concept takes the best of wrestling, tae kwon do, boxing, karate, Brazilian jiu jitsu and kickboxing, and turns it into a versatile form of combat. MMA again, aims at teaching its students to give fitting answers to attackers that sneak up on them.

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Their accessibility in our country is the best part. While it is best to learn your moves by watching seasoned professionals in live action, there are also extensive videos available on the internet that will serve as your virtual masters.


ORIGINAL SOURCE: Huffington Post