10 Things To Know On The Controversy Surrounding Smriti Irani's Daughter Zoish

Congress party members have shared posts on social media alleging that a Goa restaurant owned by Zoish Irani acquired its liquor license in the name of a deceased person.

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The Congress party has asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to remove Smriti Irani from the cabinet on allegations that her daughter, Zoish Irani, was operating an “illegal bar” in the state of Goa. However, the Union Minister not only defended her daughter and said that the 18-year-old was just a college student, she has now gone ahead to take legal action against many Congress Party leaders.

Many Congress leaders had alleged over the weekend that Silly Souls Cafe and Bar in Goa's Assagao is allegedly operated by Zoish Irani and the owners of the bar renewed the liquor license using the name of a deceased person.

10 Things About The Zoish Irani Controversy

  • The excise commissioner of Goa, Narayan M Gad issued a show-cause notice to the Silly Souls Cafe and Bar after receiving a complaint from Lawyer Aires Rodrigues who alleged that the owners of the restaurant submitted “fraudulent and fabricated documents” when they renewed the liquor license.
  • According to the show-cause notice, the restaurant applied for the license renewal under the name of Anthony Dgama on June 22. However, Dgama passed away in May 2021. Somehow, the name of Irani's daughter Zoish found its way in the controversy, after it was alleged that she owned the bar.
  • Politician Smriti Irani then came out in her daughter's defence and said “her character was assassinated by Congressmen at party headquarters”. She claimed that her daughter Zoish was being politically maligned by the opposition.
  • Congress member Pawan Khera shared an article about Irani praising her daughter and the restaurant. Khera wrote in a tweet, “Which Smriti Irani is lying? The one who on April 14, 2022, said she was proud of her daughter’s restaurant or the one who today says her daughter has nothing to do with the Silly Souls Bar and Café?”
  • Khera's tweet referred to an Instagram story by Smriti Irani in which she had reposted food writer Kunal Vijaykar’s review of the restaurant in question, allegedly owned by her daughter. In his review, Vijaykar named Zoish as the owner of the restaurant and Irani reposted the review and tagged her daughter and the restaurant.
  • Smriti Irani has now sent a legal notice to Congress leaders Pawan Khera and Jairam Ramesh for the allegations made against her and her daughter. The notice said, "The false allegations were intended to hurt the reputation of our client as a minister and a person in public life, and also to outrage her modesty and that of her daughter."

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