Who Is Zoish Irani? Union Minister Smriti Irani’s Daughter Targeted By Congress Party

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Who is Zoish Irani? On Saturday, Congress asked that Prime Minister Narendra Modi to remove Union Minister Smriti Irani as a minister, claiming that her daughter, Zoish Irani, was operating an “illegal bar” in Goa.

Irani claimed in a press conference that Congress “assassinated” and “publicly mutilated” her daughter’s character, and she dared the opposition party to produce evidence of any wrongdoing. She said that her 18-year-old daughter is a first-year college student and doesn’t own or operate any bars.

Who Is Zoish Irani?

Recently, Smriti Irani along with her daughter has been in the news headlines because of the allegations by the Congress party. The Congress asked that Prime Minister Narendra Modi to dismiss Union Minister Smriti Irani today, claiming that her daughter was operating an “illegal bar” in Goa, a claim that was refuted by her.

The lawyer for Smriti Irani’s daughter, Kirat Nagra, issued a statement denying his client’s involvement with the restaurant known as Silly Souls Goa as well as the allegation that he never got a show-cause letter from any authority.

Kirat Nagra stated many  “erroneous, frivolous, malicious and defamatory social media posts being made by various vested quarters trying to settle political scores with our client’s mother, the renowned politician Smriti Irani each of which is predicated on blatant falsities”.

The defence lawyer referred to the accusations as  “baseless” and said, “It is unfortunate that they have resorted to spreading false propaganda only to sensationalise a non-issue without ascertaining true facts and with a predetermined objective of defaming Our Client for solely being the daughter of a political leader.”

Congress posted a copy of the show cause notice sent to the bar and noted that it is a “very serious issue.” It also claimed that the excise official who issued the notice is apparently being relocated as a result of pressure from the authorities.

According to Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera, Irani’s family is facing major corruption allegations, and her daughter is allegedly managing a Goa restaurant where a bar is operating under a “fake license.”

“The license by Smriti Irani’s daughter is in the name of a person who died in May 2021, and the license was taken in June 2022 in Goa. But the person in whose name the licence is had died 13 months ago. This is illegal,” he further stated to the media. He claimed that, contrary to Goa regulations, this restaurant has two bar licences although the norm is for a restaurant to only have one. “We demand from the prime minister that Smriti Irani should be immediately sacked as a minister from the Union cabinet. You owe it to this country, to the youth of this country,” he further said.

When asked about Smriti Irani’s criticism of Rahul Gandhi, the Congress leader responded saying, “There cannot be any comparison between something as noble as running a newspaper and something like running an illegal bar in Goa”.

“Is this being done without her knowledge and was the license given without her influence,” he asked the authorities. Additionally, he said that hired security bouncers had been stationed outside of the Goa eatery to keep the media at bay.” We want to know from you under whose influence is this being done. Who is behind this illegal work,”  he asked.

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