Skill Up: Tips to Make You a Better Leader

Entrepreneur Skills

Starting a business comes with tons of challenges and limitations, but entrepreneurs aren’t easy to knock down. Overcoming such obstacles becomes a task and that’s when an entrepreneur’s skill is tested. Being the best requires adeptness and flair which can be acquired through experience for sure, but let us give you some tips on leadership that will put you ahead in the game. Every entrepreneur has their own hacks that work for them, but these are some universal skills that can never go wrong.

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Aim for balance

Yes we all know the good cop-bad cop routine. But no one likes — or benefits from — being the bad cop all the time. You have to balance your skills in order to make people follow your instructions. Being strict and stringent with rules 24×7 will only put more pressure on your employees. Give them time to breathe and deliver work without being hassled.

Be honest in your judgments

When most people hear the word ‘criticism’, they automatically align it with ‘harsh’. But a leader assessing a team member does not need to be harsh. Yet, if an honest opinion can help an employee grow, go ahead and share it.

Experiment with your leadership style

What may work for one person may not work for another. Leadership comes from within and every individual needs to listen to her inner voice to bring out her best leadership skills. For instance, Mahatma Gandhi was a leader, but so was Hitler. Think about it.

Don’t use the word ‘just’

Women often tend to use the word just in their sentences. “I was just wondering if you could give me the report to me…” “If I may just add something…” No. Your sentences needs to sound credible, not doubtful. Remember, if you aren’t confident, the other person will never be confident about you either.

Make a difference

People like to be around those who can help them feel and do better. Money is not always the key. Ultimately an employee will stay with you longer if he/she feels like she belongs in the environment and is doing meaningful work. Make your team members feel part of the company rather than just a tool. They will stick around for longer.

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