Singhal Sisters Mehak And Rhea Help Confirm COVID-19 Resources For Patients

Singhal Sisters
 Singhal sisters Mehak and Rhea from Noida, Uttar Pradesh have been helping confirm the availability of COVID-19 resources.

The Singhal sisters have been helping confirm the availability of resources for COVID-19 positive patients. They update verified leads online with timestamps, name of the state, name of the hospital, contact number, etc.

They began the initiative after their friend reached out for help in obtaining resources for his father. While the Singhal sisters were not infected by COVID-19, their parents and grandparents were. It helped them grasp the repercussions of COVID-19. When helping their friend, they compiled a list of reliable and verified suppliers. They realised that this information could help a lot of people that were suffering from COVID-19 and their families.

The sisters decided to help save the time of the people who tested positive for COVID-19 and began compiling a list of available resources for them. They called hospitals, home ICU set-up units, cylinder vendors, oxygen factories, etc.

By using social media, the Singhal sisters managed to amplify the list and spread awareness. Mehak said that “Anyone offering verified sources/supplies is almost immediately in the public eye, which is how word got out about us.”

When asked about a story that motivated the sisters to help more people, Mehak spoke about how they helped a pregnant woman. The COVID-19 positive woman named Deepika was unable to find a hospital bed and had just gone into labour. She and her husband approached several hospitals and tried to find an available hospital bed. They spent five hours calling every hospital in Delhi they could think and volunteer Priyanka Khokker met the patient to assist her. With the help of more than 70 people that were assisting with the case, they found a hospital bed for Deepika. She gave birth to a baby boy the very next day.

Feature Image Credit: India Today