Singer Chinmayi Sripada Resumes Her Initiative 'Singing For Charity'

Singer Chinmayi Sripada resumes the charity she began in 2020 during the lockdown. The 'Singing for Charity' initiative raised money for vulnerable people during the pandemic.

Ritika Joshi
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Chinmayi Sripada Charity: The playback singer Chinmayi Sripada has decided to start her initiative of ‘Singing for Charity’ once again.

The Chinmayi Sripada charity ‘Singing for Charity’ initially began in 2020 during the lockdown. Sripada decided to send personalised videos of her singing to people and use the money she earned to help people in need. She began the initiative once she realised that people would ask her to sing songs for the birthdays of friends and family. Sripada realised that she could do the same to “help the poor and needy who are struggling during the lockdown”.

By June 29, 2020, Sripada raised more than 75 lakh rupees and recorded approximately 2,500 songs. But the continuous singing took a toll on her. She said that “There was one day where I recorded almost 120 songs. It drove me crazy and I decided to take a two-day break to ease the exhaustion.”

Sripada resumed the ‘Singing for Charity’ after she received a message from someone who “lost his job and needed his daughters’ school fee paid. He’s out of work and out of savings.”

Chinmayi Sripada is a playback singer, voice actor, and radio jockey and has used her social media account to speak about social issues. After TikTok star Fun Bucket Bhargav was arrested on April 21 for allegedly raping a 14-year-old girl, Sripada spoke about how some newspapers 'victim-blamed' by reporting that the survivor’s mother “gave her too much independence”.

On April 22, Sripada posted a video where she read out the newspaper reports that blamed the survivor and her family. She said that the newspaper made it seem like it was the fault of the mother that her daughter was allegedly raped. In a Tweet, Sripada wrote that “Unfortunately reportage like this hurts women and girls in a country which has a dowry rate card based on the groom’s foreign visa status.”

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