Singapore Driver Hurls Racial Abuses At Woman Passenger, Faces Probe

A video capturing an altercation between a passenger and a Singaporean taxi driver has surfaced online and gained attention from internet users. The video documents the driver making racist remarks assuming the passenger is an Indian

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Image Credits: The Free Press Journal.

A video capturing an altercation between a passenger and a TADA driver, a company offering driving services in Singapore, has surfaced online and gained attention from internet users.


What's In The Video?

The video documents the driver making racist remarks directed at the female passenger while transporting her to the booked destination. The verbal dispute reportedly erupted due to confusion over the address and the wrong route.

The woman, identified as Jan Hoeden, had scheduled a trip using the ride-hailing service TADA at approximately 2 pm on Saturday, September 23.

Hoeden explained that the journey initially proceeded without any issues, and she was conversing with her child. However, the driver became agitated when they encountered a blocked road due to the construction of an upcoming MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) metro line in the Pasir Ris housing estate.

Hoeden brought the incident to public attention through social media, stating, "This man is being racist because the notification went on the wrong route. He blamed me. Then he called me an Indian." The video captured the man saying, "You are Indian... I am Chinese, people know that you are Indian, I am Chinese, you are the very...worst customer."


Hoeden clarified that she is a Singaporean-Eurasian, not Indian, and responded, "Regardless, there are Singaporean-Indians, by the way… You are racist."

During the argument, the driver, a Chinese man, accused Hoeden's 9-year-old daughter of being under 1.35 meters tall, repeatedly asserting that her height was below that limit. Hoeden countered, stating that her daughter was 1.37 meters tall. The driver then called the girl "very illegal." It is believed that the height requirement pertains to the safety of passengers who need child seats.

Authorities Take Notice

Tada Singapore responded to the incident affirming that they were investigating the matter. A Tada spokeswoman confirmed that the company was aware of the incident, emphasising that remarks or comments insinuating racial differences directly violate Tada's community guidelines and do not align with the company's values.


The spokesperson stated that an internal investigation had been initiated to fully understand the circumstances and that necessary actions would be taken based on their findings. Tada reiterated that they do not condone racist comments or remarks under any circumstances and are committed to promptly and fairly resolving the issue.


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