As safety remains an issue across the country, a Singapore-based startup has brought in a way to make women feel secure. Smartfuture’s Ivy is a $75 necklace that has the ability to call for help in times of distress. The necklace is supposed to be linked to our smartphones and a tap on it will call for help from our guardians.

The necklace can also record audio if need be. The company is working with NGOs and police system in cities like Mumbai to spread awareness around the issue of crimes against women.

The safety necklace is in accordance with the WCD government’s new policy of bringing smartphones with a panic button function.

The necklace is available in a variety of colours and has been designed to suit Indian taste. It can be worn as a bracelet and has a battery life of six months and uses replaceable batteries.

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This is not the first time this technique of safety necklace has been used in the country. Earlier in 2015, five engineering students had also invented a safety necklace called ‘Safer’. The device could be used as a trigger alarm and send signals to pre-identified phone numbers, police as well as nearby users in case of emergency.

Safer is a pendant made of rust-proof and non-corrosive metal casing with a colourful stone fitted in the casing. With one tap, it would send an alert to the registered numbers of the user’s guardians or friends, to the nearest PCR and the people in the vicinity using the same application.

The people on the receiving end will be able to track the user’s location using GPS. The inventors of the device are from Delhi Technological University (DTU) — Avinash Bansal, Chiraag Kapil, Ayush Banka, Manik Mehta — and a student of IIT Delhi, Paras Batra.

“The incidents of crime against women have been on the rise. Safety gadgets, pepper spray and other such things are available in the market but how feasible they are? If a girl is being attacked by a person, how much time she gets to fetch the spray or any device from her bag and use it,” told Manik Mehta to Deccan Chronicle.

“We searched for other high-end devices available in the market but then they are costly and unaffordable for a large section of girls who are at the receiving end of eve-teasing and such attacks. So, we wanted to come up with something which is not only practically feasible but also affordable. It has been designed to operate even without the Internet or mobile networks. The wearer can choose a guardian who can be contacted at the time of distress or emergency,” Mehta added.

Picture credit- Get My Ivy

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