Simone Biles Makes Triumphant Return At Tokyo Olympics, Bags Bronze Medal

Simone Biles record
Simone Biles Record Making Performance: The gymnastic champion joined the Tokyo Olympics after withdrawing a week ago and won a bronze medal in the balancing beam final event.

This makes Simone Biles the winner of seven medals at the Olympics. The record of most Olympic medals won by a US gymnast is shared by Biles and Shannon Miller. Simone Biles scored 14.0 while Guan Chenchen from China bagged the gold medal with 14.633 followed by silver-medallist Xijing with a 14.233 score.

Simone Biles bronze medal victory comes after she dropped out of the vault and all-around gymnastic events citing ‘twisties’. A state in which body and mind are not in sync. During making the announcement, she said that she is giving priority to her mental health.

Even after that Biles continued training while cheering for her teammates. On Monday night, it was announced that she would compete in the balancing beam final event. As per reports, she arrived at that event spot more than two hours early to do warm-ups along with her coach and medical supervisor.

Simone Biles Record Making Bronze Medal:

Biles had won the Bronze medal at the Rio Olympics Balancing beam final as well. The gymnast who made her country proud by winning five medals at the Rio Games had always seen her Bronze medal being neglected.

During the Games in 2016, Biles had to put both her hands on the beam to save herself from falling off as her left foot had slipped. Many times, Simone Biles was addressed as the four-time Olympic medallist instead of five-time.

In her documentary Simone vs Herself, the gymnast is heard addressing the matter. She said, “I came out of 2016 with five medals, but nobody recognizes that medal.”

“So every time I go somewhere, (it’s) ‘four-time gold medalist.’ But I have five medals! My bronze feels so neglected,” she said.