Young Girl Saves Lives At Sidhi Bus Mishap, MP CM Applauds

Sidhi Bus Mishap
Sidhi bus mishap: About 45 deaths have been reported from Sidhi where a bus loaded with passengers met with an accident.

A young girl named Shivrani, who was nearby the accident, was able to save two lives. As the bus had fallen into a river, Shivrani without much hesitation jumped into it and rescued two people.

Sidhi Bus Mishap

The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh tweeted about the incident and praised Shivrani for her bravery. He thanked Shivrani for her courage and for saving lives. BJP MP Riti Pathak and Shartendu Tiwari also praised the girl. Riti Pathak said that the recuse operation is in process and introduced the media people to Shivrani. ” She jumped in the pond to when the bus fell in the water at 7:30 in the evening at saved two people. We are hoping that we are able to save more but there are less chances of it. ” She added that seven people were rescued alive and they are in hospital getting treatment.

Shivrani said that she is still grieving for the lives lost at the accident but is relieved from the fact that she was able to save two people.