Who Is Shreya Kalra? Indore Woman Dancing On Zebra Crossing Booked By Police

Indore Zebra crossing dance Indore Woman Dances. who Is Shreya kalra
Who Is Shreya Kalra: A 30-second-long video recently went viral on social media where a woman was seen dancing on the zebra crossing at Rasoma Square in Indore. She has been booked under section 290 of Indian Penal Code (IPC) by the police for public nuisance.

The woman, Shreya Kalra, was dancing to the tune of popular song by Doja Cat, Let Me Be Your Woman. She was dressed in attire and a mask with a cap of the same colour.

Here’s what you need to know about Shreya Kalra

  • She is an Indore-based influencer.
  • She is quite active on Instagram. She has 262k followers. According to her bio, she is a digital creator. “People throw shade on what shines, I wasn’t made to fall in line”, reads her bio.
  • She appeared on the popular MTV reality show Roadies in 2020. She was a wildcard contestant on the show and was a part of Nikhil Chinapa’s team, as per reports.
  • She will have to pay a a fine of two hundred rupees, as per a police officer.
  • After the viral video, she had come out with another video where she said that her intention was to sensitise people about the traffic rules such as stopping at the designated place at a traffic signal when it turns red so that pedestrians can easily cross the road. Watch the video here.
  • According to netizens, Kalra posted the video just to gain traction and publicity.
  • The state unit of women Congress Chief Archana Jaiswal said that the action taken against Kalra was wrong and the police should have let her go with a warning instead of filing a case against her.
  • She was eliminated prior to the finale.

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