Eknath Patil Spits On Daughter-In-Law, Police Take Cognisance: 5 Things To Know

eknath patil and daughter-in-law

Eknath Patil and daughter-in-law dispute: The Shiv Sena leader from Kalyan, Maharashtra is under the spotlight after a video of him spitting on his daughter-in-law began doing the rounds on social media over the weekend. Reports on Sunday said the woman, Harshada, has raised her complaints with the police and investigations in the case are underway.

In what is shaping up to be a political row, leaders from Shiv Sena opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have expressed concern over the video of Patil spitting on Harshada, directing police to take action in the matter. Patil has reportedly refuted allegations against him saying the video is old and that the controversy has been conspired by the BJP. Full story here.

5 Things About Eknath Patil And Daughter-In-Law Video Controversy

1. A video circulating on social media shows Patil spitting on his daughter-in-law during a verbal exchange. She can be seen lunging at him after he spits on her. The date and origins of the video, however, are unknown. Patil has said the “video is old and all the allegations against me are false,” claiming he has no dispute with Harshada.

2. Patil’s daughter-in-law has reportedly accused the politician of harassment and death threats, further alleging he cuts the electricity and water supply to their home. “Patil has been harassing us for the last five years. He uses abusive words for our girls. He has made it difficult for us to even step out of our home,” Harshada told media.

3. Reports suggest Patil’s daughter-in-law, following the dispute, approached MLA Ravindra Chavan, who represents BJP from Dombivali. Chavan thereafter reportedly approached Thane police for further action.

4. BJP Maharashtra Vice President Chitra Kishor Wagh, sharing a three-second clip of the video, wrote on Twitter May 30 tagging Thane police, “Take immediate action on these distortions without succumbing to any pressure.” The city police responded saying a complaint has been lodged with Kalyan Deputy Commissioner of Police who will take necessary action.

5. Watch the video here: