Bhojpuri Singer's Intimate Video Goes Viral, Why This Should Worry us

After Trishakar Madhu, Bhojpuri singer Shilpi Raj is trending on the internet for an intimate viral video.

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Popular Bhojpuri singer Shipi Raj recently has gone viral on social media but for the wrong reasons. An alleged intimate video of the singer surfaced on the internet and is being circulated around social media platforms. The video reportedly shows Shilpi Raj getting intimate with a man.

Intimate video clips of many famous celebrities have often surfaced on social media and went viral. Recently, Shilpi Raj viral video reportedly surfaced on the internet. The alleged video is being shared across social media platforms. After the intimate clip leaked, people are reportedly searching for it over the internet. This only shows how the internet is still proving to be yet another place where women are violated and disrespected.

Shilpi Raj Viral Video:

It is alleged that the man Raj is getting involved with in the viral video is one Vijay Chauhan. It is reported that Shilpi Raj and Vijay Chauhan have been dating each other. Since Shilpi Raj viral video has reportedly surfaced on social media, the Bhojpuri singer is also making the headlines. Reportedly, the video was made by another man who is alleged to be the friend of Chauhan. There are reportedly three people in the room and the men have covered their faces with cloth. While Shilpi Raj is reportedly getting intimate with, who is believed to be, Vijay Chauhan, another man is supposedly shooting the two on the camera.

Earlier, another intimate video of Bhojpuri singer Trisha kar Madhu surfaced on the internet and went viral. Just like Raj, Madhu was also trending over social media platforms shortly after her intimate video went viral. Later, Trishakar Madhu admitted that the video belonged to her but someone leaked it over the internet with wrong intentions. The singer also appealed to the people not to circulate the video with others.

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Any time such a video appears on the internet, users go sharing it with their friends and peers as a means of fun and entertainment without even realising the impact it can have over the person in the video. Earlier, many intimate videos of Bollywood celebrities and other popular Bhojpuri celebrities have also gone viral due to which they had to endure grave problems in their career and otherwise. Consequently, most times it is the women who have to endure the shame and disgrace as the intimate clips go viral under their names.

Why some of us treat a person's humiliation as a means of entertainment for us? This humiliation is not only limited to the sharing of intimate videos but also goes beyond that as female celebrities get objectified and sexualised based on such videos.

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