Former UP Shia Waqf Board Chairman Waseem Rizvi Accused Of Rape

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Waseem Rizvi, the former chief of Uttar Pradesh’s Shia Waqf Board, has reportedly been accused of rape and blackmail by his driver’s wife. The woman on Tuesday filed a complaint against him at Saadatganj police station. Rizvi has denied the charges against him.

As per reports, the woman in her complaint alleged Rizvi, for the past five years, had been sexually assaulting her and threatening to release obscene photos of her if she complained. She told the press he used to send her husband out on the pretext of work to rape her.

After she raised the issue with her husband, he approached Rizvi in the matter and was allegedly thrashed and intimidated, an IANS report says.

Rape Complaint Against Waseem Rizvi: Who Is He?

Rizvi, who came to the spotlight earlier this year for suggesting the removal of 26 verses from the Quran, is a figure of controversy in UP. He has reportedly published what he claims is ‘The Real Quran’ recently.

Refuting allegations of rape and assault, Rizvi claims his driver was relaying information to his opponents and that there were threats against him for his remarks on the holy book of Islam.

“In view of this and also my safety, I had fired the driver a few days ago. The house that I gave him was also vacated. Now he is trying to malign my image by making such baseless allegations,” Rizvi was quoted saying.

The woman alleges they vacated Rizvi’s quarters the day her husband was assaulted and stripped of his driver’s license and mobile phone.¬†On the police complaint filed by the woman with the help of lawyers, authorities have reportedly launched a preliminary investigation.

In 2019, a complaint was filed against Rizvi by Lucknow activist Farhat Naqvi, claiming he routinely assaulted his wife and kept her captive. Rizvi had then refuted the allegations, saying he would approach the UP government in the matter.

Image: Janam TV