Digital Trust Dialogues Internet Safety Workshop at Kamala Nehru College

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Gender and power play an important role in how safety is perceived across the country. Safety is one of those things that many of us sometimes take for granted. Safety is a responsibility of every person. Safe attitude is essential and crucial for the productive working environment. Social networking has changed our lives. The Internet has created a wonderful network. Yet, it can pose threats to many. It has become important for us to consider safety measures even on an online platform. And so as part of the ongoing Digital Trust Dialogues, we conducted an Internet Safety Workshop at Kamala Nehru College with Google India.
Today, SheThePeople and Google conducted a workshop on online safety for young women. It talked about how important online safety is and the measures to be taken to maintain online safety.
After the workshop, we talked to few students of Kamala Nehru College about how beneficial these workshops are. Below are their views.
SheThePeople conducts the Digital Trust Dialogues in Kamla Nehru College with Google India

SheThePeople conducts the Digital Trust Dialogues in Kamala Nehru College with Google India

“There are many things we know, we are generally aware of. But we still ignore it,” Gargi Priya Darshini, Sociology(Hons.), second year says. “From this workshop, we realized how important online safety is. Now that we know it’s important we will follow it.”

Create Awareness

Gayatri Singh, a student of B. A prog. first year says workshops are important to create awareness in the society so that women can learn about how to stand against the repercussions she is facing.”It helps us learn how to fight for our own safety.”
Priya Balhra, English Hons, First year, says,”Online safety is really important, especially for women. Through workshops, we get an imperative idea of how things actually work. Today’s workshop was really fun and knowledgeable as it was designed to talk about the online safety. These workshops are beneficial as they help women to understand how to tackle the problems and security threats ensuring women’s safety. Through these workshops, we get to know what to share, what not to.”

Women are harassed every day and everywhere, both online and offline. Thus, it becomes essential to conduct safety workshops for women

“There is no safety for women. Women are harassed every day and everywhere. They are not even safe in their own homes,” insists Vrinda, a student of Journalism (Hons.). “Social media has become the important part of our lives. It is becoming increasingly important to us. Thus, it becomes really important that safety should be provided to women. Thus, safety workshops become important for all the women.”

Interactive Session

SheThePeople conducts the Digital Trust Dialogues in Kamla Nehru College with Google India

SheThePeople conducts the Digital Trust Dialogues in Kamala Nehru College with Google India

Rashmi Tiwari, Economics Hons, second year students talked of how more and frequent workshops may help in cementing the issue among the youth. “I think these workshops should be conducted every two months. I feel that workshops leads to discussion and helps in touching the ground level. I found the session really interactive especially that discussion on Google, passwords. It was really beneficial for us.”

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We get Advice from Professionals

Sanjali Saxena, studying Pol Science, comments, “I have never attended any workshop before. This is my first time. I guess advice from professional makes us handy, what this scholar cites will be beneficial for us. Never experienced any workshop before. It was our first time in college and we hope this will be useful for us further.”
“This is my first workshop and I really feel this workshop teaches us how to be safe. It taught us how to tackle online problems that occur like leakage of images, manipulation of the content, spam messages,” noted Piya Dhiman, first-year student of Political science (Hons.).

These workshops increase our Knowledge Level and teach us how to be smart and how to use the Internet.

SheThePeople conducts the Digital Trust Dialogues in Kamla Nehru College with Google India

SheThePeople conducts the Digital Trust Dialogues in Kamala Nehru College with Google India

“It’s very important to have these type of workshops. So many people come from native places. They are not aware of things and threats Internet can pose. Like, I myself am from Nagaland. Today’s workshop was very knowledgeable for me. It provided with lots of useful information. I got to know how to use the internet. I got to know about stereotypes of the internet. I’ve learned a lot from this workshop, learned about how to use passwords. And I’m definitely going to use it now,” says Ditan Gangmei, political science, third year.
Aditi Miglani, the student of Journalism Hons., 2nd year, says, “It was a really nice workshop and I think this kind of workshop keep increasing our knowledge level as well as how we have to take the Internet because the Internet is in our daily lives. This workshop taught us how we have to maintain precautionary measures, how to be smart, how we have acted on the Internet. We as women face a lot of harassment in both online and offline medium, morphing and body shaming. The workshop today guided upon how we should be going online.”

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