Ministry To Set Up Shelters For Trafficked Women In India

The Ministry of Women and Child Development is in talks to provide funds to states and UTs to set up shelters for trafficked women in India.

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India is a prominent destination and source of human trafficking and notes several cases of humans, especially women, and minors, being transported from or brought to the country forcibly or falsely. The government took a significant decision for the welfare of trafficked people in India.

The issue of women and children being trafficked to the Middle East from India is still not completely resolved. The special investigation team was organised to investigate the illegal trafficking of women from Punjab to countries like Oman and many of them were rescued as well. However, when these women return to India, they have to start their life from scratch. Many of them don't have a home to return back and find it difficult to survive. Hence, rescuing them is not the only concern, providing them a decent lifestyle is also a major challenge. To tackle this issue, the Ministry of Women and Child Development announced an important initiative.

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Shelter For Trafficked Women In India

The Ministry is reportedly looking forward to provide funds to states and Union Territories having international borders for setting up shelters for trafficked women and minors. These rehabilitation centres will provide the rescued trafficked women and minors with food, shelter, health facilities, counselling, clothes, and daily utilities. The government had earlier provided financial assistance to strengthen the Anti-Human Trafficking Units (AHTU) in the states and Union Territories as well as in Border Guarding Forces like SSB and BSF. Currently, there are 788 AHTUs functional in India out of which 30 are in Border Guarding Forces.

India suffers from cross border human  trafficking from Nepal, Myanmar and Bangladesh that are prominent source countries. Women, minors and men are trafficked to India from these countries on pretext of employment and other false promises but a major number of trafficked people, specially minor boys and girls, are forced into commercial sex work in cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad. In fact, as per the number of human trafficking cases reported in India in 2021, Mumbai, Telangana, and Assam were having the highest numbers. 

Men and minor boys also make up a major part of  trafficked humans in India and the government is expected to make support provisions for them as well.

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