#BlrTechSummit: She Drives Technology And How!

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How is technology a great enabler for women? Women entrepreneurs came together to discuss this at a session called “She Drives Technology” at the Bangalore Tech Summit, initiated by the Karnataka government.


The discussion revolving around the 'Women rock in tech' theme brought together women entrepreneurs from different industries. Initiated by SheThePeople.TV, Anu Sridharan, Founder of Next Drop, Anu Acharya of MapMyGenome and Sunita Maheshwari from Teleradio Systems joined the chat with moderater Shaili Chopra to discuses how women are shaping up the tech industry.

Anu Sridharan says that technology fell into her lap. "When the idea stuck in my head that there were lot of things to be done in the water sector, I first thought about using technology to cater to that. From starting to learn on my own to building water resources, it all happened because technology is the saviour for all of us."


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"Collaboration and support from others helped Next Drop set up in this IT hub," - Anu Sridharan

Anu Acharya believes in coming forward and taking the big step. "It won't come to you until you ask for it," states Anu. "Getting the most useful advices around is most vital for your company. So reach out, be vocal and be addressed by the synergy. If you ask for help and support, there's no lack out there," she added.

"Assuming that while at the initial stage of the startup nobody would understand us or the idea is the WRONG way to start up," Sunita Maheshwari

"Yes collaboration and advices play a huge role while curving the niche. Believe in yourself and keep pushing the envelope. And, today with digital India, every obstacles seem doable if you go with full grit and determination," Sunita explained.

"Complimentary skill sets in co-founders can build a greater foundation," Sunita Maheshwari

Is technology a diverse world?

"I think any industry for that matter should be contented with diverse people. Not only at home but it is high time that we acknowledge the fact that women's perception in the business is highly required if growth is the motive. Different ideas come together plus apply that to tech, you got yourself a startup module," Anu Sridharan claimed.

"The gaps are fixed a little bit at a time," Anu Acharya stated. "Now we see a transformed education system where women are making a large number in taking up tech career. The next generation girls don't fear to go for coding, or hard tech background for that matter," she added.

To become a successful startup country, some policies need to be changed. There are few loopholes that need to be fixed." Anu Acharya


Positive factor for Women in Tech

Sunita says, "Technology enables and widens the range for us. Struggling every day in a biased system and overcoming them shows courage. But today tech has so much to offer. When a woman is facing a tough afternoon, all she needs are a laptop, her phone and WiFi. Bingo! Work from home was never this easy earlier. We have flexi hours and nobody to stop us."

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